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Top of the Pops: Foo Fighters


Guitar World video lesson.

Quick Licks: Guns 'N Roses

"Mr. Brownstone"​
Guitar World video lesson.​

​​Quick Licks: Ozzy Osbourne

"Diary of a Madman"​
Guitar World video lesson.​

​Quick Licks: Yes


Guitar World video lesson.​

"All the Livelong Day" from Working

This was shot by our Grammy-winning orchestrator, Alex Lacamoire, during sitzprobe. Our production was nominated for two Drama Desk awards and I'm very proud to have been part of it!

​Quick Licks: Megadeth
"Holy Wars"

Guitar World video lesson.​

Bass Samples

"Playground in the Sun"—The Border Cops

"It's Amazing the Things That Float"—The Flood

"Wonder Love"—Marquee Five

"Vampire"—Izzy Zay

"The Highs Can't Beat the Lows"—Bedsit Poets

"Silver Bells"—Gary Beach & Roger Bart

"Respect"—The Border Cops (Erasure cover)

"New York State of Mind"—Adam Pascal

"Lucky Sevens (Love Ain't)"—The Border Cops

"I Will Do My Best"—Izzy Zay

"I Can Hear a Pin Drop"—Brad Alexander

"All the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by Canderian Demons"

Evil Dead: The Musical (Original Off-Broadway Cast)

This is a couple of full songs by one of my bands, The Border Cops. If you dig, please check us out on Soundcloud!


"Just Don't Let it Go"

Guitar Samples

Lead guitar compilation (3:33)

Multi-instruments/drum programming

Paul Vassallo: Vocals

"Worthy"—Mrs. Grundy

"All She Has"—Mrs. Grundy

"Morning"—Mrs. Grundy (Jason Crosby: violin)



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